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a place for multiples, dissociatives *and* those who love them

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multiplicity and dissociation
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Welcome to Fragmented Minds, a community for multiples, dissociatives, and anyone who knows 'one'. This is a place for multiples who are comfortable in their skin, so to speak, as well as being a community for those experiencing what is refered to in the psychiatric community as 'dissociative disorders'. There are four; dissociative fugue, dissociative amnesia, dissociative identity disorder, and depersonalization/derealization. Some multiples experience dissociation to various degrees, some feel they don't. Here at fragmentedminds; everyone is welcome, from the mildly dissociative to the widely intertwined multiple. Diversity is encouraged - how else can we grow our minds without hearing the perspectives of those with differing views?

Please don't turn away from our group because you don't feel you're disordered or "fragmented". Neither do many of the members in the community! Likewise, if you're struggling with (a) mental health issue/s, don't turn away because this is "just another place for multiples/plurals". It's not. We're not even just a place for "only" multiples or people who have "multiple personalities". We have the understanding that some who are multiple do consider this a disorder and disruption to their lives. While we disagree with that stance for all multiples, we also know and embrace those who choose to see themselves that way. Multiplicity isn't for everyone, and many multiples decide it's not for them. Who are we to judge them for that decision? We're nobody, in that regard. We're nobody to disregard or judge someone for their own experiences of reality. We're nobody to say what is right or wrong in someone else's head. We're a group of individuals who have varying degrees of knowledge, empathy, concern, compassion, and a yearning to help others. That's why we're here.

We're not a community for just multiples, or those suffering from horrible things that were done to them. We're not just a group to talk about the triumphs we have as "empowered multiples". We're not here just to satiate your curiosity, inform and educate those who are ignorant (not necessarily in a bad way!) of what it's like to be "like us". We're not simply a community for people to write about their experiences of "losing time" or not being able to communicate with others within their body/group/collective. We're not just a place for those who don't understand themselves or what's going on in their lives, whether or not they're multiple...

We're all of those things, here, and more.

We welcome... pretty much anyone. Multiple, non-multiple, dissociatives/dissociators, labeled disordered or unlabeled... the only pre-requisite we ask is that you're not coming here to be an asshole! If you just want to learn about or lurk and watch what goes on here, what we talk about, feel free.

It's one thing to disagree with someone about something, but attacks are taken seriously, and not tolerated.

Additional information...

Please know that things like "trigger warnings" are not enforced here. We each, by joining this community and being a part of it understand and acknowledge that we all have our own weaknesses and sore spots. If we are not able to control them, understand them, stand up to them, we will never go anywhere in life. You read and live at your own caution, and no one but you is responsible for your actions and reactions to things. This includes reading posts made in this community. There will be noone getting on your case to cut your posts with an lj-cut if they are "graphic" or considered "triggering". Each member will read at his, her, or their own risk.

As an aside, and just for argument's sake, anyone is "allowed" to post to our community. Whether you're multiple, or not, aren't sure, just feel lost, etc. We're a very open and caring place to be.

Please feel more than free to post anything you'd like, here, as long as it is on topic.
Off topic posts are considered to be anything not having anything to do with multiplicity, in any capacity, mental health, struggles, etc. Please do not post any meme's, surveys, etc. that have nothing to do with our community; these posts will be commented on by the moderators, and probably deleted.

Any creativity is welcomed. Any poetry, prose, short stories, artistic expressions that you want to share are more than welcome.

If you are a member of the community and have any problems with another member of the community please bring your concerns to a moderator rather than posting about it in the community and taking away from the point of the community; support. You can reach the owner,krystale), by LJ PM.

We encourage support and communication on such issues as suicide, suicidal thoughts, urges and ideation as well as working out of issues like self harm and/or self harming insiders/people, violence towards others, and/or insiders/people who are "out of control" or violent towards others. Unfortunately we are not a place for crisis management, and any threats of self harm or suicide (example: posting something saying you are going to kill yourself or cut yourself) are not encouraged here. Reason for this is that there really is nothing we can do to help you, and it's upsetting to the members of the community to see someone posting that they are going to kill and/or hurt themselves or others. Please feel more than free and safe to post about urges you may feel or thoughts and issues you may have concerning these issues (and any other, of course), and remember if you are in need of personal, face to face help or are in a crisis situation, call your local shelter, call 911, or get yourself to a hospital emergency room right away!

We are here to support each other and one another; love and compassion together can breed healing and solace. Whether or not you are a multiple or what is sometimes referred to as a "trauma multiple" (someone who is multiple because of the abuses they endured, as opposed to those who have not endured such traumas or feel they are multiple in spite of what they've experienced, and agree they were likely multiple anyway, with or without those experiences), everyone needs support once in a while, for some reason or another... ;)

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