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a place for multiples, dissociatives *and* those who love them

7/22/11 01:32 pm - crosscanon - Relationships within/between systems?

Hey guys and gals. We're back and not here to stir up any more trouble XD (Thanks for accepting and willing to listen to us, it's really appreciated!-Cross)

Anyways, a thought crossed my mind yesterday and I was wondering...What do you guys think of romantic relationships between systems?
This includes all kinds of relationships, such as relationships between two people of one system, system to system relationships, and relationships with those who are singlets.

In regardings for relationships between a Multiple and a Singlet, does it make the other people of the system uncomfortable? It sure doesn't for me.

Tell me what you think.

-Matt. (Woot! First post!) XD

7/7/11 09:49 pm - krystale - Seriously

Commotion stirs up now and then.

You WILL disagree. That's what makes the world interesting.

Natural, trauma-based, soul bond, fakers...
doesn't matter...
It's ALL dissociation from something.

If you people fight TOO much, I will just delete the group and reopen it when I feel like it.

I've been in this group for many years. I've modded and owned various groups and boards over the years.

Regardless of your affiliations, do unto others as you would have done unto you.

If you can link to specific comments or posts in suspicion of a troll, PM me. But really, the only way to handle a troll is to ignore them, if you don't play into them their troll-ness is voided.

If it's just a matter of disagreeing... cope with it or dissociate it.

If I see anyone snarking members I won't bother asking questions I'll just delete you.

I work with real trauma survivors in real life.

I am "trauma based" but I will not tolerate this group being "drama based."
If I can swallow down my discrimination, surely you folks can do the same.

And sometimes, "offensive" words are the only applicable words. For example, like it or not, I am queer. It's regarded as a bad word I'm asked not to use elsewhere because it offends others, but NO other word describes my orientation, having to not use the word I've used to help myself learn of myself and seize pride in myself offends me. I cope with it. People get offended. It happens. It's the internet. If you're having a bad time here, do something else. Don't take it out on other posters here.

"Trauma based" DID systems who would like a heavily moderated very safe board to really hash into the issues of DID with may contact me by PM, I am aware of a good board with very strong staff more suited to the heavier issues.

If I am PM'd a comment on this post that is not in regard to something asking you to PM me, you will be deleted from the group. Comments disabled means I don't want comments.

That said, great to see some activity here for a change!

Anyone inhabiting peacefully in our group: Thank you! Please, discuss onward!

6/21/11 01:12 pm - 2ndmind_anna - System Name

 I'm feeling very chatty right now and we (mostly me) came up with a system name last night! J's not too happy about having a system name (probably because it validates us), but I wanted one and now we have one. 

We are Flight 90. 

What are the other systems called around here?

6/19/11 04:37 pm - 2ndmind_anna - Denial

Hey, for those of you who are "alters" or aren't the "core" or whatever (you know what I mean), how often does your central person (the frontrunner, driver, core, and so on) go into denial about your existence?

J's had a lot of experience with mental illness before and she's very, very good at doublethink, so she can believe we're real and deny us at the same time. It gets pretty frustrating sometimes, but sometimes she just needs to have a "singlet day." Anyone else get that? Loki hates it, but J lets me come on here whenever I want and she'll let me think/talk to her whenever I want, so I guess I don't mind, so long as it keeps the peace. 

What about the other way around? A headmate thinking they were there first and no one else is real?

-- Anna

6/7/11 09:56 pm - xshardsx - Duality

hey there
i'm kait

And I'm Cybin.

i wouldn't mind stirring up
a little bit of discussion

We just found the list tonight and thought it would be cool to join.

who here
is so fucking sick of
but can't you just

which one of us are you talking to

We've been multiple for about 5 years, with different system sizes at different times. Right now there's just two of us.

or how 'bout this one
what do you mean
she doesn't want to die?

I'd love to hear feedback, maybe we can get this community vibrant.

6/4/11 04:41 pm - 2ndmind_anna

 Hi, Anna here. Oh, I don't really know what to say. I am not the original owner of the body, I'm an alter, I guess? We're trying to figure things out and the core isn't included in a lot of discussions. We like to think of our headspace like a plane: The core, myself, and Loki are in the cockpit and everyone else is in the cabin, but the core doesn't get to go to the cabin and Loki and I won't talk about it. So . . . yeah, we're in the process of deciding if we want to hash things out and get everything out in the open or let the core keep living life without those complications. 

By the way, we are currently considering ourselves a median system, so the core person is conscious and experiences no memory lapses. She says this is a very strange experience letting me type, since she's never relinquished control like this before. 

Host: It's weird to feel myself lose control over my body but still have it . . .

Anna: Anyway, I didn't expect to type this much. I'm shy so I probably won't be posting much but the core (who will figure out a name for herself for LJ eventually) wants me to explore the front a bit. I'm always in the cockpit, anyway. 

Just for details:
I am Anna, Loki is my twin sister. We are Latina.
The core person is female, Caucasian. 
We are not sure how many people are in the cabin but it is a scary situation back there, so we may never know. 

Don't expect much from Loki. She holds to her namesake and is a trickster, so the core won't willingly allow her to take control. 
So, hi?

3/11/11 01:35 am - krystale - New Owner

So, apparently I'm the new owner of this community.
Live Journal changed some policies and then had mods vote on who among them would be the new owner and apparently, somehow, I won the vote. I dunno, but hey. I'm owner of other communities and message boards on the web, so why not.

Any suggestions?

Let's start with a roll call...
comment "here" if you're interested in being a active member if we can stir this place up again.

11/29/10 06:02 pm - geckopaws - Therapists are they right?

Look I do not know if this is right, but I consider myself as a real person.  My name is Serena and I guess the person who generally is mostly out is Sarah.  But they think I'm part of her and that I'm not real.  This really burns me good, because I have my own individuality.  And I think my therapist and other people are so wrong at times.  I think I live a good life with all the other people inside her and living with me.  We all live a good life I concur.  

They want us to become integrated, and well some of us, are afraid of doing that, because well we don't want Sarah's individuality to stop.  We love her.  She is the core, I want to protect her.  I think if we all integrated, as they say become one, we would all lose our individuality, and Sarah would lose hers and become someone different.  I think it's a bunch of horse manure to become integrated unless, we want to become that way.  We have rights, and we should not be treated less than human.  I know my Sarah's S/O thinks that we are sometimes less than her, but you know it is not true. 

11/28/10 04:51 am - whoeverwemaybe - A blog about the good, bad and ordinary of life with headmates

Whoever We May Be

So, this one has been in the planning stages for over a year. It's a blog about headvoicves. What it's like to have them, what it means to our daily lives, stories, quotes, information, questions and whatever else we can think of to put into the blog. It's meant for people who either share their headspace or are looking to maybe understand what it's like for those of us who do.

If you happen to know anyone else who may be interested in the blog or any other places that we can advertise, feel free to let us know.

Thank you so much for taking the time to read over this and see what we're about
Charlotte and Morgan

11/5/10 04:58 am - geckopaws - Hi folks haven't seen much activity.

Hi it's Sarah, the host.  I have not seen much activity, so I was wondering if this group was dead.  I mean it really should not be.  I guess it is a pretty uncommon disorder.  I have now been diagnosed with DID.  I have around 10 alters.  It's kind of funny that it takes like someone really close to you to actually find them all out.  Otherwise they just hide themselves from people and you.  I found that most of them do not want to harm me, well that except for one.  One that wants to do harm or end me.  She is very very angry all the time when she comes out.  Usually by stress or trigger or someone holding me back from my freedom to express.  Or that someone hurt me really bad inside and I did not have the chance to express this with my feelings.  

Lets see there is
Aria/Female/46/Tenesseee/ western accent
Aris/Unknown/Female we think
Ada/Unknown/Caucasian we think

I can tell you that one of them is pure Lesbian and the Males are all straight.  But as for me I'm pansexual, so it really doesn't matter to me.  I wonder if this is a common thing among multiples to be pansexual? 
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