2ndmind_anna (2ndmind_anna) wrote in fragmentedminds,

This is J speaking. Anna seems to have integrated. It's a long story that I won't go into, but she released a lot of anger and asked me to make her "go away" before "killing herself" and apparently integrating. Kind of shocking.

My post, though, is asking how many people have animal alters. Since Anna's disappearance, the others seem to have faded away. Loki just watches, now, and doesn't bother me, and a wolf that I've had for about the same time as Loki. The wolf is the most benevolent alter and prefers to live out her life as a normal wolf in my innerworld, with a mate and pups and everything. I try not to bother her and we don't really communicate.

What about others with animal headmates? Do they talk to you? Are the anthropomorphic? Are they true to the natural version?
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