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a place for multiples, dissociatives *and* those who love them

7/7/14 01:59 am - drenshawtennant - Hi, I'm new here, quite new to DID, scared, and really really hoping there're still people around.

Where does everyone go? Why do I continually find a place that I might belong only to discover it virtually deserted, or worse?

Still, I can only try.

I find the nature of this illness endlessly fascinating, outside of having it myself, that is, I'm still trying to come to terms with it, and everywhere I look people seem to be at a much more advanced understanding of their own situation and I feel I'm beyond out of my depth and haven't the slightest idea how to begin trying to explain myself or communicate with anyone about it.

But I got this far. I can only hope I'm not going to be alone.

For anyone out there, I wish you well.

10/29/12 06:38 pm - hiddenhikari

found this in our journal, any ideas on how to fix this shit? i wanna fucking eat... dis be logan btw, bitches!


sophie: so I've decided we are going anorexic/bulimic and if things go well hopefully we can die from starvation or something. I'm very good at resisting the food because I firstly don't want to live nor do I particularlly like food of any sort. But Logan is such a fatass I can't always keep him away from food...so I've been trying to purge but nothing is really working. I've looked up a bunch of different ways that I could do that but nothing is really working...any suggestions?

10/17/12 11:05 pm - hiddenhikari - Hello!

Hey there guys! :) This Shell, part of Kayla/HiddenHikari, and I just wanted to sorta introduce myself buttt I'm like wayyy too tired to actually write a whole lot so I'm just gonna sayyy HI GUYS!!! Oh yeah! Other than me and Kayla, there's like...uhmmm...13? others or something crazy like that sooo yeah! There's a lottt here! I'll talk to you later! For information on each of us you should like totally check out our journal! Wellllll laterrrr~~~

4/16/12 10:57 am - fractalcloud - Concerning alters...

how are your alters named? Do they name themselves or what? My alters don't really have names, I identify them by what I think they are. For example, I have "the demon," who is very evil, "the child," who is of course a child, and "the parent," the one who is able to calm down the others. I was just curious about other people's process of identification of alters.

12/28/11 06:57 pm - manyofus1980 - Yahoogroup, anyone wanna join it?

I have a yahoogroup, its called dissociative talk. If anyone is interested in joining, then go to this url

12/27/11 11:50 pm - a_silent_i

Just wanna destroy this shit. Politeness adheres to etiquette, and so does tolerance. How much bullshit can you hear before you speak up and say, "Well mb you're saying this because its the only way to fulfill your teenage desires of one-up manship".
Angel this demon that, "this-is-our-own-unique-system-that-only-applies-to-us-you-wouldn't-understand" crap, I'm actually an animal in humans body, I wonder if you believe it away from an anonymous online forum.

People struggle. And they wouldn't be here if they they didn't actually test their meddle to sort fact from shit.

The world is full of lies. Why add to it?

12/17/11 10:30 pm - aneka_animos

Hey there, my name's Katie Angel. I'm part of the median system currently calling itself Aneka Animos, which I believe is a mixture of languages and roughly means "Many minds." We wanted something more like many minds as one, but it was too long.

Anyway, like I said, I'm Katie, a little ol' Southern girl livin' in another girl's head. I'm most like our host, who may or may not show up much. We're not quite practiced on the switching easily back and forth thing and I'm not so much a driver as a watcher, not really even sure I'll be a-postin this at all. Host don't want nobody knowin' bout her, so a her is all you're gettin, and apparently some corrections to my grammar. ;) 

We are a median system of unknown number. While we may have many, there's only a few of us here who have anything like opinions or little minds of our own. Most of us have just come forward once or so, so the host don't really know if they're real. We got a whole complement of imaginary companions though, but they aren't much in the way of headmates, so they don't count as part of the system. We've been a-lurkin for a while but saw quite a few other median systems sort in the way of ours, so we
thought we'd say hi. I guess a list is best in the way of that.

Croi (host)-female
Kai-Croi's daemon, eskimo dog, female
Katie-female, age slider
Margarie-female, oldish lady
As far as we know, there are at least two men and at least one other lady. We had a wolf who isn't around so much anymore but we're not sure she's integrated or just fulfilled her purpose and livin her life in the mind, and we had a nice girl earlier who clearly inherited some trauma and integrated herself followin the release of all her pent up anger.

I am, of course, the only age slider (it figures I wouldn't have nobody else to play with in here!) and spend some of my time as a young woman and some of my time as a little girl. Margarie looks after me, she's the closest to fictionkin we got here, since Croi envisions her kind of like Mrs. Potts from Beauty and the Beast (my own favorite Disney
princess movie). When I'm out, you wouldn't know me from Croi if I didn't want you to, but I do hate to be repressin myself like that.
Luckily, I ain't much of a driver anyway.

Before y'all ask, we believe we are partially trauma-created, but those folks seem to have quieted down or left since then. We may be walk-ins, we may just be temporary residents, since Croi's not really one for the plural lifestyle, but we're here and we can't be ignored. We might hang around here, but I wanted to introduce myself and establish myself a bit as one of the more separate folks. I look forward to learning from y'all. I will probably be the one postin here, since Croi isn't in for it much, Kai sticks with Croi and the others don't drive much. Not really good with my endings, there, but that'll have to do. Good day to ya.

12/6/11 07:53 am - fractalcloud - Intro

Hello. I just got diagnosed with DID, and the diagnosis was at first kind of a shock, but I am learning to come to terms with it. I never really thought of myself as having separate alters, but I always felt like a lot of different people/personalities inside one fearful and anxious person, if that makes any sense. I am in therapy right now, and my therapist seems to think I am repressing some memories of abuse, so he wants to try hypnosis on me. Has anyone ever had experience with this? I have always thought I was sexually abused, although I can't remember any such memory. I have many symptoms of being sexually abused, and I often dissociate most often during sex or sexual related activities.

Anyway, just joined the community. Feel free to add me. :)

10/16/11 05:26 am - castleofmany - An Introduction

Greetings all,We are the Castle System and we number at least five.We're fond of reading and writing and various other pursuits.This isn't much of an introduction but it'll do.


8/9/11 09:07 pm - 2ndmind_anna

This is J speaking. Anna seems to have integrated. It's a long story that I won't go into, but she released a lot of anger and asked me to make her "go away" before "killing herself" and apparently integrating. Kind of shocking.

My post, though, is asking how many people have animal alters. Since Anna's disappearance, the others seem to have faded away. Loki just watches, now, and doesn't bother me, and a wolf that I've had for about the same time as Loki. The wolf is the most benevolent alter and prefers to live out her life as a normal wolf in my innerworld, with a mate and pups and everything. I try not to bother her and we don't really communicate.

What about others with animal headmates? Do they talk to you? Are the anthropomorphic? Are they true to the natural version?
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